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Turn Key Philly offers our clients a unique investing model by harnessing the key factors consistent with every successful investment portfolio. Our investors get all the benefits of investing in Real Estate with none of the hassles.
  • 10-25% Annual Returns
  • $20,000 Instant Equity
  • Hands Free & Hassle Free
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What Our Clients Have to Say

We don't work with just anyone. There are a lot of people who don't get what we are doing. Some people just don't qualify. But when we find the right match, the results are incredible. Turn Key Philly clients love our results. They like them so much that most of our clients don't just buy one property. They come back to us over and over again...and they bring friends.

How Does Turn Key Philly Work?

At a recent event, Turn Key Philly founder and Chief Investment Officer, Joshua Weidman, had the chance to talk about the details of investing with us. After introducing the team, Josh details exactly how we find the properties, define the renovations, find the residents and manage each asset. The talk is captured in a 4 video series. Click the play button to check it out.

The Lazy Landlord Video Blog

Since 2006 I have been investing in Philadelphia Real Estate. The Lazy Landlord consists of my daily rants and advice as it applies to Real Estate investing. Being a successful investor is hard work. Lucky for you, I have a few tricks up my sleeve that will save you time and make you money.

"Working with TurnKey Philly has been a very positive experience from day one. I have been working with Josh and his team for over a year now and have purchased multiple properties with them. On every deal the quality of the rehab exceeded my expectations and Josh was very good at keeping me updated on the progress of the work. Also -- I feel I can rely on TurnKey Philly to find a tenant soon after a property is listed for rent. I look forward to doing more business with them!”

- Julien G., Jenkintown, PA

Recent Assets
5-Units in University City
12% ROI and $70,000 Equity
in an A+ Neighborhood
  • Purchase Price:     $230,000
  • Repairs:                 $50,000
  • Total Investment:    $287,890
  • Asset Value:           $320,000
Germantown Duplex
15% ROI and $25,000 Equity
in a B Neighborhood

  • Purchase Price:     $55,000
  • Repairs:                 $18,000
  • Total Investment:    $75,115
  • Asset Value:           $100,000
Port Richmond 1 Family
11.9% ROI and $28,000 Equity
in a B+ Neighborhood

  • Purchase Price:     $50,000
  • Repairs:                 $20,000
  • Total Investment:    $71,950
  • Asset Value:           $100,000

"Hard for a hands on person to switch to that role sometimes but not with you and Turn Key Philly  having our backs. Hence, I have no issues. You've done a awesome job and your word in every instance has been dependable and trustworthy. It's been rare in business and investing I can say that personally.”

- Robert E., New York, NY

Philadelphia in the News

Jim Cramer: If Philly Were a Stock, It Would Be “Incredibly Undervalued”

Mad Money host Jim Cramer loves Philadelphia. So do we!

Philadelphia is a fantastic city. It is full of great restaurants, terrific shopping, renowned history and unparalleled investment potential. There's no wonder why some of the biggest names in finance look at Philly as a place full of opportunity.

Philadelphia is a fantastic place to live, work and invest

Sunoco has invested Billions in bringing natural gas from western Pennsylvania to be refined in Philadelphia. With an estimated 35,000 new jobs, the city is looking pretty good. Add history, beauty, tourism, shopping and a visit from the Pope this year and you'll have all the pieces to attract great tenants.

New York Times: Philadelphia Named #3 on "52 Places to Go in 2015"

A series of projects has transformed Philadelphia into a hive of outdoor urban activity. Dilworth Park, formerly a hideous slab of concrete adjoining City Hall, reopened this past autumn as a green, pedestrian-friendly public space with a winter ice-skating rink (and a cafe by the indefatigable chef Jose Garces). Public art installations, mini "parklets" and open-air beer gardens have become common sights...
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