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About Turn Key Philly
Turn Key Philly is a Real Estate investment company. We offer hands free investing in residential Real Estate assets in targeted neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our services include sourcing discounted, off-market properties, strategic renovation, resident screening and placement, and portfolio asset management.
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Could This Investment, held by the Top 0.1%, Save Your Retirement?
Written by Josh Weidman on Jan. 18th 2016
How’s your stock portfolio holding up? If you’ve been following the market you saw the new year revelry met with a blood bath during the first week of trading.

The S&P saw a 2.4% decrease. The NASDAQ dropped 3%. The DOW plummeted 5%! China’s economy is showing signs of a major correction. And just this morning the Wall Street Journal is predicting crude oil prices at $25 per gallon.

The 3 Most Important Pieces to the Rental Investment Puzzle
Written by Josh Weidman on Jan. 5th 2016
Over the past 5 years I’ve seen my share of rental portfolios. After starting Atlas Property Management in 2010, we attracted 2 very different types of investor. As I developed the model for Turn Key Philly, I spent months analyzing data trying to identify the differences between these two groups of investors.

The Result:  I found 3 key areas that separate successful investment portfolios from those that fail.

3 Landlords Remodeling Hacks to Get the Most from Your Rentals
Written by Josh Weidman on Dec. 1st 2015
Completing the right rental property renovations can determine whether or not an investment is profitable. Spending too much money on a renovation, or worse, spending it in the wrong places will mean poor results every time. Over that past 7 years I’ve seen what works. These 3 hacks will keep those rentals cranking out the cash for years to come.
The "Rent Ready" Myth
Written by Josh Weidman on Nov. 10th 2015
Have you ever gotten that email about a “rent ready” investment property? You know the one, “Great Cash Flow. House Needs Cosmetic Repairs. Rent Ready Condition.” I’ve gotten it. In fact, I see this email at least twice a week.

Every time I see the “rent ready” line, it makes me angry.
How Grilled Meat, Tall Beers and Great Company Set the Foundation for 2016
Written by Josh Weidman on Nov. 4th 2015
Yesterday I took a 4 hour lunch. Yup! Your read that correctly. I spent 4 hours of my day consuming a large quantity of charred meat and adult beverages. More importantly, I spent 4 hours with 4 other successful Real Estate entrepreneurs discussing our businesses, planning our goals and growth for 2016.
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